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    Mr Tahir Mahmud is fellowship trained in lower limb reconstruction surgery, and performs robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery at BMI The Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle.

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I would like to say a tremendous thank you to Mr Mahmud and his team for giving me a new ACL

Netball has been a huge love and passion of mine since the age of 9, and still is to this day. During my last netball match on 10th April 2016 my right ankle gave way and my knee twisted out to the right. That was it, the excruciating pain hit and the tears ran down my face, thinking I would never get back to playing netball ever again. Straight away we knew that the injury was serious as I couldn’t straighten my right knee and the pain was awful, off to A&E it was, followed by an x-ray. This showed that I may have dislocated my right knee and that’s what I was treated for to start off with. Leaving A&E on crutches not being able to straighten or hardly put any weight on my knee was a huge disappointment for myself, being such an active person

I was then referred to see an orthopaedic Consultant who told me that I had actually ruptured my ACL and it would be okay to let it heal on its own and see how it goes – as an 18-year-old sport loving person this was not an outcome that I wanted to settle for, so after reading lots of articles and questions, I requested a 2nd opinion. I waited to be referred to Mr Mahmud who we had been told was a sports injury specialist. This is the start of my long journey, in July 2016 I attended an appointment to see Mr Mahmud at MDGH. He was extremely friendly and easy to talk to, I felt that he understood the passion I had for my netball. At every appointment, I had with Mr Mahmud he gave my knee a thorough examination, which is one of the reasons why I would highly recommend him to other sports injury sufferers. He was very thorough, reassuring and gave me hope that I could and would return to the sport I love, which exactly what I wanted to hear after such a traumatic experience.

The operation went ahead on 18th October 2016 at Macclesfield District General Hospital. My first ever major operation and I was petrified. Just before going for my operation Mr Mahmud told me that everything was going to be fine and I had gained enough trust from speaking to him at the consultations to believe him. The ACL Reconstruction operation went extremely well, with great follow ups and after care at the hospital. It wasn’t long before I was up on my feet, with a knee brace and crutches to guide me. The time came to attend one to one physiotherapy sessions, which was the start to my long rehabilitation process. As I am a very determined person I made sure that I listened and did what I was told by the physios, who in the end were very impressed with my rehab and I was equally impressed at how well my new ACL worked. During the following weeks I attended ACL Rehab class, the pain was worth it, after 9 months of these classes I was able to attend my own gym for more strengthening work to be done, self-motivation was the driving force, it got the point where the gym was my new best friend, attending at least 4/5 times a week, sometimes 6 times a week, whilst still attending ACL rehab class occasionally to make sure I was doing what I needed to.

My first follow up appointment with Mr Mahmud after my operation was on 21st December 2016 and he was again very friendly and gave me some excellent feedback, which inspired me to carry on and prove to my myself I could get back to netball in the very near future. 9 months’ post –op hit and I was finally discharged from the ACL Rehab classes that I had attended every week and I could slowly start to get back to netball training which I was over the moon about after not be able to do any netball for over a year! 10 months hit and on the 22nd July 2017 that was the day where I took my first steps back out onto the netball court to play my first competitive match. I am truly proud of my ACL scars and story to go with it, which I share with family and friends and co netball players. I would like to say a tremendous thank you to Mr Mahmud and his team for giving me a new ACL, building my confidence and trust back up to finally return to my favourite sport of netball.

Becky Sidwell