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How knee surgery at Spire Regency Hospital created quality time and freedom to enjoy family life to the full

Mr Craig Tottey

Mr. Craig Tottey now takes to the hills with his family following successful knee surgery.  Prior to surgery Craig found it very painful to walk, had developed a limp and after being a passenger in a car he found his knee locked. 

Craig explains the symptoms and problems he was experiencing prior to the operation:

“Within the last two weeks before the operation I deteriorated rapidly,  the discomfort  got so bad that when I stood up I would sit back down and put off getting up for up to half an hour while the knee joint eased. Not only was it painful, I felt embarrassed as people asked what had happened as I struggled to walk the length of the office to my desk, the printer, to make a coffee or go to the toilet.

“At the time of operation my son was two years old and my daughter was just two months old. I found it upsetting that I wasn’t able to actively play with my son and wasn’t able to be as useful to my wife with the care of our daughter. I thought that I may not be the active father to my children that I would have liked.

“Incidentally my son had developed a limp which strangely resembled mine, regardless of whether I was present or not. Shortly after I was walking properly so did he, we’re still not sure if he had a problem which corrected itself as he grew or if he was just copying his daddy”

Craig’s medical journey with the team at Spire Regency

Craig visited his GP and requested to be referred privately to see Mr Mahmud at Spire Regency Hospital.

Following his referral to Mr Mahmud he was initially prescribed physiotherapy with the in-house experienced team based at the hospital whilst he was waiting for a scan and the results to be available.

Following the scan he continued the physiotherapy until he had another checkup. Craig commented “Although the physiotherapy exercises were possible when I started at Spire Regency Hospital, the symptoms worsened and I was in pain as I walked. It became clear that I wasn’t going to be able to ease my symptoms through physiotherapy alone”

Craig decided that he needed to proceed to the operation as fast as possible. Mr Mahmud took charge of his situation from the start and clearly understood his symptoms and conditions and was able to book him in for surgery quickly.

Mr Mahmud and the use of CartiFill™

Craig holds nothing but praise for his consultant’s advice and adds:

 “Mr Mahmud shows genuine concern and empathy. He clearly explained my knee condition and the micro-fracture with CartiFill™ surgery in a simple way that I could understand. He had nice mannerisms and always remembered our previous discussions including how my young family was getting along.

“Mr Mahmud recommended the use of CartiFill™ and I understand that Spire Regency Hospital is one of a small number of hospitals with the license to use this product. Although my insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of this product, upon Mr Mahmud’s recommendation I decided to pay additional for it. I think CartiFill™ may have contributed to the speed and success of my recovery”

Craig had his operation in December 2014 and is now enjoying family life and freedom to move, he can now:

  • Walk normally again
  • Play football in the garden with his son and take long walks with his daughter in her pram
  • Book walking holidays in the Lake District where he can take the family to the hills with his daughter in a baby carrier on his back.

What is Cartifill™?

Cartifill™ is a cartilage cell scaffold for advanced technique of microfracture.  Microfracture procedures have been widely used to treat cartilage defects by withdrawing stem cells from bone marrow. Cartifill™ creates stable matrix structure of cell scaffold in the cartilage defects after microfracture with finely purified BioCollagen and fibrin glue.

For more information on Knee Surgery or the use of CartiFill™ contact the Customer Service Team on 01625 505 406

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