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  • I had ACL surgery with Mr Mahmud back in June 2017

    I had ACL surgery with Mr Mahmud back in June 2017. He was a wonderful surgeon to have, he was caring and professional with constant communication making sure that myself and my family was comfortable at each stage under his care, from my original appointment to my post surgery checkups. I can't thank him enough, I am recovering really well and will be back skiing soon which caused my injury back January 2017. My scars are so tiny and almost unnoticeable now. I have a strong knee that I can depend on .

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  • On 16th November 2017 Mr Mahmud replaced my left hip

    'On 16th November 2017 Mr Mahmud replaced my left hip having done the right side in April 2016. I can honestly say that in both instances my recovery and subsequent experience have been fantastic. I put this down to both his expertise and the less invasive method of surgery he uses, the cut being about 5/6 inches. I was driving at 3 weeks and without crutches at a similar time. Some years ago Mr Mahmud performed an arthroscopy to repair a torn cartilage, this procedure resulted in 100% success. Bearing in mind my experiences I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Mahmud.’

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  • I would like to say a tremendous thank you to Mr Mahmud and his team for giving me a new ACL

    Netball has been a huge love and passion of mine since the age of 9, and still is to this day. During my last netball match on 10th April 2016 my right ankle gave way and my knee twisted out to the right. That was it, the excruciating pain hit and the tears ran down my face, thinking I would never get back to playing netball ever again. Straight away we knew that the injury was serious as I couldn’t straighten my right knee and the pain was awful, off to A&E it was, followed by an x-ray. This showed that I may have dislocated my right knee and that’s what I was treated for to start off with. Leaving A&E on crutches not being able to straighten or hardly put any weight on my knee was a huge disappointment for myself, being such an active person

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  • First I must thank Mr Mahmud for giving me a new lease of life by totally replacing my right hip.

    First I must thank Mr Mahmud for giving me a new lease of life by totally replacing my right hip. Mr Mahmud is an extremely professional competent consultant who takes great pride in his work and has a great passion also for it. He is also a very friendly and likeable person whom I would recommend to anyone.

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  • I am very happy to recommend anyone to put themselves in the hands of Mr Mahmud

    I was a very fit athletic person who had been a rugby union referee at a very high level in England and then Scotland (Division 1 - i.e. top ten in the country). This obviously involved intensive training before and during the season as well as intense matches. After my retirement from refereeing my knees became increasingly painful.

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  • On the road to recovery after bilateral hip replacement with Mr Mahmud

    I had always been a very active person, whether it be water skiing, hill walking in the Peak District, or just plain working, especially around the home. I had written a walking book with a colleague, “Peak District Trigpointing Walks”. It was at the latter end of writing this book that the first twinges were felt in the groin area. I put this down to sciatica.

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  • Remarkable recovery after total knee replacement

    Total Knee Replacement by Mr Mahmud has given me back my independence I was referred to Mr Mahmud after months/years of constant knee pain which was aggravated by exercise and then a fall.

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  • Revision Knee Replacement with Mr Mahmud showed better results than the original

    I had a knee replacement 10 years ago which served me well until 18 months ago when I fell whilst walking in Macclesfield Forest. This fall resulted in a lot of knee pain, swelling, and tendon and muscles problems.

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  • How knee surgery at Spire Regency Hospital created quality time and freedom to enjoy family life to the full

    Mr. Craig Tottey now takes to the hills with his family following successful knee surgery. Prior to surgery Craig found it very painful to walk, had developed a limp and after being a passenger in a car he found his knee locked.

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  • Gold medal World Champion performance for Graeme following total knee replacement at Spire Regency Hospital

    Graeme Peatfield’s knee problems stemmed back to his teenage road running days as part of his personal recurve archery training which, he subsequently had to give up as he couldn’t walk the distance required per round. This resulted in him swapping to competitive target crossbow shooting over shorter distances.

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